our favorite things: leather journals

The inspiration behind “our favorite things” section on the blog this season came from a recent shipment of Rossi leather journals from Italy, which we are lucky to get made to order in limited batches.  Other than that, however, we carry leather journals in a wide range of sizes, colors, and prices.  We recommend these books for the writer, artist, traveler, book lover or connoisseur in your life.

Our Favorite Gifts for Men

Soft leather journals from Italy are one of our favorite gift ideas for men, or our favorite ideas in general!  We have beautiful bound books, in leather and paper, for the writer or journal connoisseur.

The minimal, handmade letterpress perpetual calender from Satsuma Press add some color and class to your home or the office.  We love their clean, crisp papers and composed technique.

Our gift selections come not only from some of our store favorites, but from what we find grads, dads, and customers come in looking for as gifts.

If you don’t have time left for a custom printing job, why not take a look through our letterpress printed monograms, single cards, or Thank You sets?  Match in-house printed stationery with a fountain pen from our antique pen case.

Hat Wig Glove is probably one of our top-selling items for men.  Put together a collection of these wry and snarky cards from owner Ron Rich, and our retail staff can help you wrap them with our custom wrapping service.

Enjoy the summer’s season of adventure with some of our more exotic choices.  The travel scale is one of our steady sellers this time of year, and we point out the Graphic Image Ship’s Log  for our intrepid travelers.

Italian Bookmaking and the Art of the Journal

rossi marbled journals

Besides our obsession with fine papers and our dedication to the letterpress printing process, Oblation Papers and Press always has our eye out for a beautifully bound book. Our retail store carries a number of Italian bookmakers who truly bring the craft to an art.

We have recently received a shipment from the Italian company Rossi.  The marbled edges of Rossi journals draw you in, the luminous colors adorning the  signature of pages invite you to wonder what resides inside.  Creating this effect takes precision, floating a number of colors and combing them to make the swirls and waves you see.

Rossi uses timeless, traditional methods in every aspect of their bookmaking.  From the Amalfi coast of Italy comes the papermaking aesthetic of a roughly deckled edge, we love the look it creates in Rossi’s Pelletteria Italiana leather journals and books. Rossi is also manufacturing leather goods with a hand in the past, in the spirit of the Florentine Renaissance Fleur-de-lis collection, or with soft, supple leather in their soft bound books.

The secrets of the vegetable extracts used in the tanning produces a slow and natural process which maintains the original properties of the leather unaltered, enhancing its quality and fragrance.  The unique characteristics of  softness, warmth and resistance are assured over the course of time. In the antique heart of Tuscany, between Pisa and Florence, the tanners, loyal to this centuries old tradition, combine artisan craft with technological innovation.

-Rossi Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather certificate