a nestful



What’s new at this year’s Bunny Hop?

 A whole nestful!

letterpress demo bunny hop

Stop by our retail boutique in the Pearl District for fun and festivities for the annual Bunny Hop on Saturday, March 26th at 10:30am to 2:00pm.

We will have a letterpress demo using our pilot press where children can print their own Easter card, receive free treat bags and enjoy baby animals on view.

bunny at bunny hop

Like last year we will feature a live bunny.

girls with bunny

This year we are pleased to announce that our two parakeets, Pica and Pixel are tending to a nest of young hatchlings!

We are going to adopt two babies out at the bunny hop. Adoption forms will be in our store this week.

pica & pixel

Here is how their family story unfolds.

This is our earliest baby picture, where we can see the baby birds begin to sprout their feathers.

baby birds in dish


Pixel and Pica are fantastic first-time parents as they develop and maintain the hatchlings’ proper nursery environment.


bird in hand

 What started as a tiny clutch of eggs, hatched into four hungry babies snuggled in the nest. We can see that the first born fledgling has just sprouted feathers and can barely open his eyes.  His siblings aren’t far behind and all are strong and vital. These hatchlings will continue to double in size every few days.

2 baby birds

These two have bonded and stay nestled together at all times.



booty do

3 little birds upright

   The happy parakeets continue to grow stronger every day.


baby bird (3)

The baby budgies will be on view during the annual Bunny Hop this Saturday, March 26th at 10:30 am to 2:00 pm at Oblation Papers & Press.

Hanshin Department Store


We are proud to announce the Portland Fair at Hanshin Department Store in Japan! Read Japanese? Check out the interview Hanshin did with Oblation owners Ron and Jennifer Rich, here.   These lovely photos were sent to us from our Japanese distributor featuring Oblation products. Read more information about the Portland Fair at the Hanshin Department Store’s website.


Soter Winery Custom Seed Paper

chandlier-1 with wine bottle, glass-1 11 color match-1


We love working on custom projects for our customers. Here we created a letterpress postcard with our handmade seeded paper for Soter Vineyards.

We truly enjoyed the experience making seed paper for Soter Winery.  At Soter, they take such care and consideration into the making of their wines, that it was fitting to customize the handmade paper with seeds that later can be soaked and planted.  The end product captures the essence of the Soter philosophy, beautiful product and environmentally respectful. Each recipient of these postcards can soak them and plant them into their home gardens, ideally, while enjoying a glass of Soter wine.

Cheers to Soter!

love is in the air

3 pcs grey corner-1

Come in to our retail shop February first through Valentines Day and receive a free feather, heart or wax seal with purchase. Our Valentines day shop is blossoming with sonnets, serenades and humorous love cards. Handmade paper hearts also available on our website at www.oblationpapers.com.

516 Northwest Twelfth Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97205

bits and pieces : : assembling scrap packs

Scrap Packs

Day One, Assembling The Packs:

Our bins of miss-prints and off-cuts were starting to burst at the seams! So the production crew cleared off the packaging table and began to pour over all the little letterpress scraps, clips of ribbon and swatches of wrapping paper.  Sorting through the bits, they breath new life into all of those pieces that didn’t make the final round.

best cynthia-1 best cynthia & mir-1

best cynthia & mir2-1 anna's hands-1

Scrap Pack, Day Two

Combined to create cohesive color palettes and texture themes, each scrap pack inspires a new story of inspiration.

miranda's fisherman's day-1

Fisherman’s night at the lake.

kitten and string-1

Kitten dreams of string.

floral green-1

Memories of Floral & Cedar .

woodlen-1Saffron Wool Socks.


Buggy & twine.

table of finished packs-1

This scene of over 50 finished Scrap Packs spread across the table is something to behold. So the next time you’re feeling a little crafty, come by our retail shop and purchase a pile to play with at your next craft and beer party, a perfect night with friends.

We send out a big thanks for a job well done to our production crew: Anna, Miranda,  and Cynthia.

Go, Team Oblation!

connect and impress : : letterpress business cards


During the month of October

Come in to our retail shop and enjoy 50% off all letterpress business card orders.

black ink with gold foil-1

Strike a bold impact when you combine gold foil and black ink.

blind emboss with red and brown ink-1

In addition to letterpress printing with ink, we offer blind embossing which is created by using two embossing plates to sandwich the paper, sculpting it into crisp, clean effect.

biz card in layers-1

october instagram image

business cards

Our letterpress business cards are designed to leave a lasting
impression with your clients, peers and friends.


various inks on 100% recycled handmade and machine made papers

maison et objet : : our exhibition

September in Paris

Owners of Oblation Papers and Press share their experiences from exhibiting at the Maison et Objet Show. Here’s our review of their travels through Paris.

jennifer in the booth-1

Our Booth at Maison et Objet.

booth M&O-1

Ron’s new sandals.slippers-1


Pots and Pans installation.

cans M&O-1 best

Flea Market Finds

ledger M&O-1keys M&O-1 blogThe show season draws to a close, we gather back to home base and enjoy the connections and memories collected from around the world.

new york now : : 2015


NY NOW 2015
Oblation owners Ron and Jennifer with their two daughters, Pascale and Petra return home from the hustle and bustle of the NY Now show. Here’s a little review of the Oblation Papers and Press Booth and the family’s adventures in the city.

booth-1This year Pascale and Petra are assisting at the market by helping patrons with their selections and filling out order forms.

petra-1busy booth-1

Customers perused the weathered tin walls displaying our handmade paper and letterpress printed goods in the Oblation Booth.

coaster selection-1

Situated among the hand bound guest books and letterpress printed journals, our new Party Coasters boast a fun way to break the ice, a word search of 27 hidden terms related to beer, wine and cocktails.


guest books-1journals-1Our new pocket journals offer an array of styles from black and white antique typewriter and piano images letterpress printed, to opulent gold foil boarders layered over soft pink and green washes, to minimal aesthetics and lyrical whims of Rock Quotes.


record journals-1While exploring the rest of the trade show, our shop owners find another twist on Rock ‘n’ Roll nostalgia. These vintage 12″ vinyl records are re-purposed into journals that feature 100 sheets of ruled paper and an elastic band closure made by Vinylux .

map camera-1

Throughout the market they spot the intriguing handmade paper objects crafted by Jennifer Collier from the UK, where she folds and manipulates paper from envelopes maps and pages of a book into objects that represent the familiarity of the domestic space.

pen nib-1

Also at the show they explore the new line of Kaweko brass fountain pens from Germany that herald a distinctive octagonal shape. The clean angled design exemplifies individuality and precision for the writing instrument connoisseur.

All of the new products purchased at the NY Now Market will soon be available in our boutique.

hailing a cab-1

To accomplish the true New York experience, Petra hails a Cab.


Time to pack up and go back home to Oregon. It’s been a good show. Until next time, thank you, New York!


august in tokyo : : the traveler’s notebook

 ‘August in Tokyo’

Featuring the Portland Premier of the Traveler’s Notebook.

unnamed (4) (1)

Traveler's Notebook assortments 2-1

 Our staff swooned with delight as we opened the boxes from Traveler’s Company.



 We invite you to come in to discover the array of accessories designed to customize these notebook displayed on our Japanese inspired kiosk.

Kraft paper close up-1

Fill your Traveler’s Notebook with sentiments from every journey in an organized and creative way.  Add multiple folders, paper styles, and craft paper pockets to tell your story, keep your thoughts, and imagine the next trip.


 From re-purposed bullets turned into handsome pens and pencils to cat shaped clips we continue to explore the endless possibilities of building a journal full of memories inspired by the Traveler’s Notebook.

possible best3-1

In addition to the Traveler’s Notebooks, we are carrying a beautiful assortment of gifts from afar.

possible best1 Final

These soft pink cherry blossom notepads are the perfect gift for the ceaseless note taker in your family.

Traveler's Notebook assortments 8-1

We carry selections of very fine Kozo paper handmade at the Washi No Sato paper mill and world heritage site in Chichibu, Japan.  Oblation owners, Ron and Jennifer toured the Washi No Sato during the Tokyo trip in July.

Traveler's Notebook assortments 6-1

We will carry decorative papers, colorful bento boxes and hand painted cards throughout the month of August to enkindle the Asian theme.

chopstick rest-1

All are charmed by this little kitten chopstick rest.

interior sunshine and the kale theory

Next month we will celebrate ‘Tokyo in August’ offering various goods and delectables collected during the latest visit to Japan. We are exploring the culture as we prepare to host our upcoming event. As a card company, we are intrigued to discover how the Japanese celebrate love on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a little insight to Valentine’s Day traditions in Japan :

For Valentine’s Day in Japan women traditionally give chocolates to men. There are two types of chocolates, “Giri-choco” (obligation chocolate), and “Honmei-choco” (true love chocolate). Giri-choco is meant to be for friends, Honmei-choco is given to a boyfriend, lover, or husband.  A month later, the men respond with a much larger gift of  white chocolate, marshmallows, jewelry, or white clothes, called White Day.  The color white represents pure love.

A Demo by Daniella

Last week we were graced with the presence of an enthusiastic group of traveling executive scouts from Hanshin Department Store in Osaka, Japan, for their upcoming Valentine’s Day event that will feature Portland goods early next year. Pictured above, letterpress printer, Daniela explains our labor of love.

A Letterpress Studio Tour

Along with Oblation Papers and Press, the group visited Will Leather Goods and planned to check out Chizo Cheese Bar.

In the Gallery Enjoying the Visit

During their exploration, the group wanted to know what makes Portland tick. When they asked Oblation owners Ron and Jennifer, “Why is Portland so open-minded and traveler-friendly?” Jennifer replied that it must have to do with our historical pioneer spirit, and the interior sunshine we’re forced to cultivate here during the rainy months. And, according to Ron, it’s the kale. We like to eat healthily in Portland and kale is our superfood of choice.

That’s it :

Interior Sunshine and Kale.

the group photo


A warm thank you, to the executive scouts from Hanshin Department Store, you brought us a little extra sunshine during your visit.